The training "The Luxembourg VAT return" given on Friday 8th November from 13.30 to 17.30 went very well. After recalling the three reporting regimes in Luxembourg and their reporting obligations and deadlines, the presentation of the taxation procedure and the various notices and account statements issued by the Luxembourg VAT administration, we have prepared seven VAT returns (periodical and annual). Knowing that participants had diverse experiences, I decided to build the training on the basis of examples I met with customers by taking care to address one VAT problem per return and to increase the difficulty as the exercises progressed.

It was a big success! The comments received from participants are as follows:
  • Great training! I learned a lot especially thanks to the exercises: simple then more difficult, but effective! Thank you very much! Jordan, Junior accountant
  • Isabelle, I saw myself again 10 years ago (a little less) and you always explain as well. Even if I am a little rusty in VAT! Breezy, Private Equity manager
  • Varied training, complete practical cases. Well-structured training, we have learned a lot of things. We will return without hesitation. Experienced team of accountants
  • Good training! Experienced team of accountants
  • Well-structured training. Relevant teaching materials. Personally, I would have appreciated a little longer training, the time to assimilate. But it must be said that I do not make the statements myself, hence my lack of practice. Sophie, Senior manager, Private equity firm
  • I am very pleased with this training: the exercises were clear and diverse (I have commercial companies as clients), they allow to see the theory in practice. Your explanations are clear and understandable to non-specialists, which is valuable and rare because VAT is really very complex and has a particular language. I really enjoyed your approach at everyone’s fingertips! Thank you again!!! Mike, trustee accountant.

I am proud of my job!

This training will be organised in 2020: on the 13th March (in English) and on 20th March (in French) from 13:30 to 17:30. Venue: Seedbox Goethe - 5, rue Goethe - L-1637 Luxembourg.

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