In recent weeks, three clients have thanked me for my work in a very complimentary way. I am delighted! it is true that these were very interesting VAT analysis and that I was very proud of. It’s even more rewarding when your client calls you to share it in person! We think then that our mission is 200% successful!

"Isabelle, thank you for your VAT analysis and its practical consequences. Thank you for your kind and effective collaboration. You have done an exceptional job! Truly, I am sincere. Professionals like you, these days, are really very rare." J. CFO, 10.04.2020
"Dear Isabelle, thank you for all your efforts and great job. Thank you for your VAT analysis: clear, well structured, everything is detailed and justified based on the Luxembourg VAT law, the VAT Directive and the court cases decided by the CJEU which is great as we are based in another EU Member State. Great thank and take care !". M. Lawyer, 08.04.2020
"Thank you, I am VERY happy" . Y. Managing Director who has saved more than EUR 200,000 VAT to pay as a result of my challenges to his company’s taxation. 12.03.2020
Thank you again to my clients for being so nice !
Kind regards, Isabelle