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Different people approach VAT from various angles.
Our VAT approach is particular :
  • Practical 
    The VAT solution should fit with the transactions of the client and should be realistic for the client. If possible, we provide the client with a summary of his situation.
  • Comprehensive
    VAT has a specific vocabulary. We want that our clients understand what we are talking about. This is why, most of the time, we schematize the solution.
  • Risk-averse
    We are facing an economic crisis, each euro is important for the client and the VAT Administrations. In Luxembourg, the VAT Administration becomes more and more strict as in many other EU countries.
  • Flexible
    Different ways of working together are possible, namely:
  • Upon request (based on a hourly rate);
  • Based on a contract (fixed number of hours per period);
  • Agreement with the client.